County Clerk           

Sasha Kelton                                                                                                                                               NEW BRAND APPLICATION

Courthouse Annex                                                      Brands FAQ's & Info
P.O. Box 548     214 N. Main St.                                                

Henrietta, Texas  76365                                                             

Phone: 940  538-4631                                         NOTICE: POSSIBLE OFFICE CLOSURES 
Fax:  940  264-4160                                                 DUE TO BEING SHORT-STAFFED

HOURS:  Monday- Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm (Closed Noon-1 pm)      

               Office may have to close for court hearings




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A County Clerk cannot render legal advice or services - Government Code 81.101
A County Clerk has no duty to search public records- AG WW-607

County Clerk Office Rules

FEES _______________________________________________

Fee Schedule, eff. 2018 (OPR & Civil Court Costs)

Criminal Court Fees, eff. 2020

Make a PAYMENT Online:

County Court ONLY- DO NOT pay traffic tickets, JP, Municipal or District fees here!

OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS _________________________

The County Clerk's office is working daily to get your records automated,
archived and stored for disaster recovery!  Deed records are automated back
to the 1970's!

Brand Application (Effective Aug. 31, 2021-Aug. 30, 2031) 

CSC E-Recording


OPR Filing Requirements

Plat Filing Requirements


OPR Extract Policy & Procedures 

OPR Disc Request Form 

Assumed Name/DBA Form
*NEW LAW: Corporations, LP's, LLC's are filed with SOS instead of County Clerk 

Military Discharge Record/ DD-214 Application



BIRTH & DEATH _____________________________


Birth/Death Certificate Application

Establishing Family Cemetery

Uninstitutional Births

After-hours Burial Transit Permits: Funeral homes may obtain a BTP online via TxEver
if the death occurred naturally.  If you are unable to obtain the BTP online, contact
Davis Funeral Home 
(940) 538-4395, who will contact the clerk for issuance.

MISC. __________________________________________

Elections and voter registration are now handled by Elections Administrator


Clay County Open/Closed Range- 1918 Stock Law Election Results


Clay County Subdivision Rules & Regulations

Zoning & Building Permits- Unincorporated Areas




COUNTY COURT _________________________________


Electronic Filing is available (and MANDATORY for attorneys) for Civil and
Criminal Court!     
Visit E-File Texas for more info.  

 COURT JURISDICTION: OCA Court Structure Chart

County Court Records ONLINE

OCA Link: Petition for Order of Nondisclosure

Instructions for paying Court Costs

Guardianship JBCC Registration

COMMISSIONERS' COURT _________________________

Commissioners' Court Minutes and Audio ONLINE:  CLICK HERE    

MARRIAGE _________________________________

Quick Guide

Informal Marriage

Affidavit of Absent Applicant FORM

Absent Applicant INFO

Getting Married by the County Clerk


Eff. 9/1/17, Minors are no longer permitted to be married via parental consent.